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Parametric Design

course by 

Gabriele Stancato Ph.D.

Politecnico di Milano – DigiSkills group 

Chunking down. Step 2

Doing the exercise, I learnt the wireframe approach for creating glass surfaces in the project of The Harbin Opera House. The approach is illustrated with a part of the first floor of the building. Some parts of loft planes are still not joint because I haven’t figured out how to join the segments in one…

Chunking down. Step 1

To start the digital model of The Harbin Opera House I traced the main curves on the plan and measured the angles of inclination of facades on the sections. The first base curve to offset is the external contour on the plan. The second base curve is the highest edge of the building. There are…

Harbin Opera House: the keys for approaching the model

3 / Case study for the digital model / Project info: MAD Architects, Harbin, Beijing, 2014Keywords: shape, wireframe, discretization We envision Harbin Opera House as a cultural center of the future – a tremendous performance venue, as well as a dramatic public space that embodies the integration of human, art and the city identity, while…

Soumaya museum: shape, wireframe, discretization

2 / The keys for approaching the model / Project info: Mexico City, Mexico, FR-EE Fernando Romero Enterprise, 2011 The Soumaya Museum was opened to the public on March 29, 2011. It has become an architectural icon in the heart of Mexico City and plays a key role in the transformation of the urban perception.…

The architecture by Sou Fujimoto: displacement, discretization, maths

1 / My favorite architecture / The architectural approach by Sou Fujimoto can be determined as a “primitive future”. For me, his architecture is a poetic interpretation of nature in terms of not shapes but spatial and visual feelings and its relationship with people. It engages in a quiet dialogue with nature, without trying to…

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