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Chunking down. Step 2

Doing the exercise, I learnt the wireframe approach for creating glass surfaces in the project of The Harbin Opera House. The approach is illustrated with a part of the first floor of the building.

Some parts of loft planes are still not joint because I haven’t figured out how to join the segments in one curved contour. To test the wireframe approach I baked the shape from the previous step and trace in Rhino three dimensional edges for the glass surface. The structural grid for the glazing consists of basic rhombus elements.

I faced some difficulties trying to apply “Diamond panels” to the faces of “Deconstruct brep”. There are two faces and I didn’t manage to join them so that later the panels on the seam were rhombus and not triangle. So for now I’ve tested the algorithm for glazing only on a half of the glass surface.

The next step is to apply the discretization method to generate glass pyramid elements of the curtain walls. I’ve started to do it on this stage but the elements should slightly differ in the heights. I suppose it is possible to do by using the domain.


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