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The architecture by Sou Fujimoto: displacement, discretization, maths

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Sou Fujimoto. The pavilion for FIAC Art Fair. Galerie Philippe Gravier, 2014

The architectural approach by Sou Fujimoto can be determined as a “primitive future”. For me, his architecture is a poetic interpretation of nature in terms of not shapes but spatial and visual feelings and its relationship with people. It engages in a quiet dialogue with nature, without trying to surpass it. The architectural structures and spaces are integrated into the environment so that inside you seem to be surrounded by nature, and outside the building looks like a landscape. The habitable space is on the verge of natural and artificial, there are no blank walls between them, only air.

Sou Fujimoto. L’Arbre Blanc Residential Tower (White Tree Tower). Montpellier, France, 2019

From the first glance, it may seem that Fujimoto’s architecture is just esthetical but not functional at all. In fact, then we enter the building and get to know it closer we realize that each design detail is thought out to use. So, one of the modelling approaches here is DISPLACEMENT. The specific form and the function are spiritually united and creates symbiotic relationships. And besides being functional, the form represents a particular emotion. Another modelling approach in Fujimoto’s architecture is DISCRETIZATION. He often uses a basic element – architectural shape or structural unit – to generate the whole building consisting of basic elements in different relations to each other. And the manipulations with these elements are founded on MATHs approach, considering the proportions and ergonomic features of spaces, the particular sequence, rotation and scaling of the elements.

Sou Fujimoto. Serpentine Gallery Pavilion. London, 2013

The architectural projects by Sou Fujimoto combine visual aesthetics, adaptive and transformable uses and respects to the needs of cities and residents.


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